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Formula 1- Liver Repair - CLRLY
Formula 1- Liver Repair - CLRLY
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Formula 1- Liver Repair

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Prime your engine with CLRLY Formula 1, Liver Repair, the most elite supplement on the market.  This formulation has been designed to improve liver function so as to permanently restore metabolic health.

In today’s world, the liver is under an immense amount of pressure from things like vaccines, heavy metals, microplastics, iron-fortified foods, herbicides like glyphosate and medications… the list goes on.  When the liver becomes damaged, its ability to detoxify the body becomes impaired and disease of every nature results.  Examples include:


Thyroid issues

Autoimmune diseases



Skin problems

Sleep disruption


Hair loss


CLRLY Formula 1 improves liver detoxification pathways by increasing bile flow, the primary way in which toxins are excreted from the body, and by up-regulating metal-binding proteins to improve heavy metal and free iron/copper elimination— the main drivers of oxidative stress which is the root cause of liver damage.  Formula 1 contains:

TUDCA— a synthetic bile salt which helps eliminate blockage in the gall bladder ducts, allowing for stagnant bile to be flushed.  TUDCA also improves fat metabolism which leads to increased nutrient absorption and better digestion.

PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE— helps repair cell membranes like those in the liver as well as those in the intestinal tract, thus correcting gut permeability so as to prevent the reabsorption of toxins being eliminated via the bile.  Phosphatidylcholine, like TUDCA, also improves bile flow.

ZINC— Zinc is an essential mineral required for a variety of critical detoxification pathways to function.  Most people are deficient, which leads to impaired liver function.  Specifically, zinc helps upregulate the metal-binding protein metallothienein by promoting its gene expression, thus improving heavy metal binding and detoxification.  Zinc is also needed for the production of glutathione, a primary antioxidant.

SELENIUM— Selenium is an important mineral that many people are deficient in due to its rarity in modern soils.  Selenium works together with zinc in increasing metallothienein gene expression.  It also is a powerful antioxidant and critical for the production of thyroid hormone, an essential component of a healthy metabolism.

MOLYBDENUM— This lesser known element is an important cofactor in helping selenium function properly.  Together, they work synergistically.  Molybdenum is also a precursor for many enzymatic functions, including sulfation, the important step in phase II liver detox in which toxins are eliminated into the bile for excretion by the body.

CLRLY Formula 1 provides everything you need to repair the liver in a single pill; no more elaborate cleanses, coffee enemas or cupboards packed full of expensive supplements.  It’s the health solution no medical professional or health guru will prescribe either because of their own ignorance or because it can quickly treat almost every condition— and there’s no money in that!

It’s a race to the finish, get ahead of the pack with CLRLY Formula 1— not everyone’s going to win ;)

DOSAGE: Take 1-2 pills on an empty stomach, preferably at night before bed but in the morning as a secondary option.  Expect loose stool at first, this is old bile being flushed from the body, a good sign that it is working.  Do not take before, with or after meals as effectiveness will be reduced.  If experiencing detoxification side effects, like headaches, aches/pains, or skin issues, lower dose or temporarily discontinue use.  In this situation, it is helpful to ensure the digestive tract is first cleared by implementing the CLRLY Colon Cleanse protocol before continuing use.